Small Scale Technology

Small(er) Scale Technology. Quote is from Industrial Society and Its Future (.epub, .pdf)


The Offspot is an offline wifi hotspot in development, hopefully ready to be sold soon.

Easily powered by most USB ports, it holds a considerable amount of useful (or not) data for you to use when you're offline, whether intentionally or otherwise. Can be battery powered with a 18650 USB battery bank.

(Preliminary) traits below.

Price: $250 USD in cryptocurrency, fiat (Ebay), or just build your own.

Availablility: Sooner than later.


  • Raspberry Pi 2 B
  • 8GB microSD for OS.
  • USB microSD/SD card reader.
  • 256GB microSD in SD adapter (set to read-only) for data.


Data sets

ZIM files

  • Wikipedia
  • Project Gutenberg
  • Some Stack Overflows
  • Arch Linux Wiki

Website archives

Source code

  • FreeBSD 12.1
  • And probably more.

Alternatives / similar ideas

Want one?

It's not ready yet, but email or Jabber sega01 at go-beyond dot org.